Verity L. Frizzell, FAIA, LEEDAP

Principal, Feltz & Frizzell Architects, LLC


Bonnie Durkin

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Feltz & Frizzell Architects, LLC is a small firm, located in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Established as a partnership in 1999, the firm began as a sole proprietorship in 1977.  We have weathered many storms in the national economy and are well aware of what it takes to survive, but we are also aware of what it takes to thrive.  What remains a constant for us is the quality of the work we produce. Attention to detail, thoroughness, and accuracy are qualities we possess. We have been involved in our community for many years, and feel it is important to serve the general public while also serving our individual clients.   

The firm has remained deliberately small in order to focus on our goals:

  • Individual customer attention and service.
  • Meet both the client’s practical requirements and aesthetic sensibilities
  • Produce clear, accurate and technically thorough plans
  • Create buildings in harmony with their site and larger community
  • Embrace Sustainable Design in every aspect of the firm

Each project is overseen by the Principal, who supervises and participates in all aspects of the project, from design through construction documents, and during construction observation if required.  This one-point-of-contact approach has allowed each customer to have individual attention, while allowing the firm to have many projects in the office at once. Weekly inter-office discussions ensure that staff is aware of what is going on with all the projects.

Feltz & Frizzell Architects does not have a “signature style”.  We will design exactly what the client wants, within the parameters of the codes and zoning requirements.  Our philosophy is to keep our designs pure, simple, and true to the program, while making them as energy efficient and sustainable as is possible.

The firm has a reputation of producing very thorough, easy to read plans which have very few code review issues.  While mistakes are inevitable, we have done everything possible to ensure that they don’t happen very often. The more information we put on the drawings, the fewer problems are encountered in the field, which is why we seldom have to supervise construction.  

The site of a building is as unique as its occupants, and every building takes into consideration its surroundings.  From daylighting to views, we consider each site for its own merits. For this reason, we do not have “stock” plans. Every project is unique, and designed specifically for that client and site.

Sustainability is the future.  We can no longer maintain the status quo and continue to build to the minimum requirements.  We must strive to leave the land better than we found it, and to make our buildings as comfortable and efficient as possible.  We must all protect our natural resources and preserve the environment for the next generations. Indoor environmental quality is the single biggest thing we can improve about our buildings which will make its occupants happier, healthier, and more productive, resulting in greater employee retention and reduced absenteeism.  Increased energy efficiency will result in lower life-cycle costs for operation of the building, and will have a positive impact on the financial bottom line.

Our diverse experience will serve our clients exceptionally well.  We have experience on all kinds of projects, from hospitals to office buildings, from banquet halls to restaurants, from banks to retail shops.  Our residential portfolio is extensive and includes everything from single family housing to multi-unit condominiums, including new construction as well as additions and alterations.  We have worked for both public and private entities, and understand the demands of both. Whatever the project, we deliver it with the same level of customer service and attention to detail.